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Using video within your organization creates an image of a modern, forward-thinking company in a technological age. Employees and customers respond to video presentations because they are accustomed to receiving information through the medium of television. Video can demonstrate a process or illustrate an idea with greater clarity than would be possible in a classic lecture setting. Because the video is prepared in advance, both the accuracy and uniformity of the content is guaranteed. A video can transport the audience to a location or a time other than the present, enabling them to see events or processes that cannot readily be reproduced in a training session or meeting.

Many companies use video for new employee orientation, annual benefits package updates, introduction of new techniques or processes, and annual meeting reports. Some companies prepare their periodic employee newsletter on video, playing the tape in break rooms, lunch rooms, or on internal computer networks.

A number of major corporations record their annual shareholders meetings on videotape. In addition to providing a legal record of the proceedings, the videotape can be reviewed and critiqued as part of a management development program and can be excerpted and mailed to shareholders unable to attend the meeting in person.

Recently we have assisted several corporations in arranging multi-site annual meetings with live video inserts from distant cities (or countries!) integrated into the meeting agenda. Television makes it possible to include in the meeting presentations by executives based in other cities, or to enable participation by off-site employees without leaving their operational base, giving the meeting a truly national (or international) flair. Two-way video enables participants in widely separated locations to talk face-to-face.

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