Film & Video Production

There are so many formats today it is hard to decide where to begin.

We begin with good, fundamental photographic technique. The design of your program will lead the style of the images we create for you. In some cases, simplicity is best. In other instances, the more exotic the better!

We work with you to chose the format that best fits your design and budget requirements, be it Film, HD, Beta-sp or Digital Video.

Professional in all areas, from lighting to audio to motion control and more, Kosmic Media will staff your shoot according to your specific needs. Even our craft service folks are pros.


Digital Editing

Timing is everything.

After we have acquired your materials we’ll load them into a state of the art, un-compressed, non-linear editing suite and begin to assemble your program. Our editors work with you through a rough-cut process to ensure we’re getting it done according to the script and to your satisfaction.

We also provide state of the art 3D and Motion Graphics to fit your every project.

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